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I'm not usually in the habit of offering movie, book, or music reviews; however, spent a very interesting 90 minutes watching "WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn" and it certainly touched on many themes that have been discussed over the past few years about the coworking model in general.

First, the documentary itself was quite enjoyable when you're able to watch it over your own screaming at the television. And the beauty of this diatribe was that it was completely non-partisan which in itself, was a pleasure.

Second, for many, it was no secret that this business was overvalued even from the beginning. The real issue is why the valuation ended up going to where it peaked? This is not really explained in full detail other than it "kept going up".

Third, although some of the real estate players involved with early-round investments were mentioned and briefly highlighted, it would have been beneficial to hear at least one of these initial investors to see what they saw at the time. Not so much as a "gotcha" but more of an idea of how the WeWork ``idea" gained so much traction and thought process behind it. Although nobody ever truly wants to admit to a foot fault, occasionally it is refreshing to learn about them.

Not that this is the last time we'll see another high flyer come back to earth, and certainly not in the real estate industry, but this documentary is a good opportunity to take a birds-eye view of the latest one.


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