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Real Estate
Limited Partner Institute

Creating a connected Community of
 Real Estate Institutional Investors, Fund Managers, Operating Companies and those organizations allied to the industry


In a business landscape where staying ahead of industry changes is both critical and challenging, companies face the dilemma of allocating substantial time and resources to maintain relevance and forge meaningful Investor relationships. The constant need to adapt can be a considerable drain on efficiency and budget. In an industry that thrives on proximity, what resources are available to use to overcome these hurdles?




RELPI comprehends the unique needs of our Community members, and presents a multifaceted solution with both in-person and virtual events.


Our Interests Aligned® Events are meticulously crafted in-person gatherings created to address the core challenges of connecting with Investors and staying at the forefront of industry changes.  By strategically bringing you to Investor rich markets throughout the United States and Europe, we help you foster vital Investor connections without the burdens of excessive time and expense. These gatherings also provide a platform for a panel of Investors to discuss current market conditions and respond to your questions.


In addition to hosting numerous live events, RELPI recognizes virtual meetings as an indispensable tool in creating peer-to-peer connections. RELPI is proud to offer Virtual Round Tables and RELPI in 30 as ways to connect your firm to more industry leaders and Investors.

Members of the RELPI Community also benefit from our marketing services.  We tout the success of our Community members to our following of over 10k industry leaders. We also post your podcasts and webinars. If you're looking for help with your marketing materials, we offer private consultation. 



Virtual Round Tables

We curate intimate peer to peer roundtables that bring together all stakeholders involved in investment and allocation of capital in real estate. Roundtables are meant to foster open and transparent conversations focusing on the issues of the day as well as other long term considerations. 

Global Presence

With 15 in-person events planned for 2024, RELPI Interests Aligned® Events focuses on Investor-rich markets in the United States, Europe, and Canada.  These events help you reach new sources of capital investment by diversifying your market reach.

Marketing Programs

RELPI provides a large platform for enhancing the reach of its Community members.  We keep your visibility and profile elevated by putting your organization in front of sought out investors. RELPI celebrates your successes with you, and is happy to host your podcasts and webinars. 

Private Consultation

If you need help with your marketing materials, we offer Private Consultation upon request.

Stay connected with the pulse of the industry. Click here for more information about our services and how to join.

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Jonathan A. Schein

CEO and Executive Director

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