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Connecting Real Estate Institutional Investors, Fund Managers, Operating Companies and those organizations allied to the industry

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The world hasn’t stopped, it’s quickly restructuring and moving at an ever-faster pace resulting in the need to move quicker as well. And the question is, how can we do this efficiently and effectively while still maintaining some of the traditional methods we’ve used up to now? In an industry that thrives on proximity, what tools are available to us on a day to day basis?



The Real Estate Limited Partner Institute℠ (RELPI) is solving a modern problem through connecting interested parties and empowering people to connect virtually on a local, national, and global scale.


In the modern era, there have been three well established modes of connecting through face-to-face meetings, telephones and email and text correspondence. Unexpected to many of us, recent events have shown and continue to show that the virtual meeting has become an indispensable tool in all aspects of peer-to-peer connection, and this will not change even as the world normalizes. Though there is really no substitute for in-person meetings, this fourth way has fast become an essential way to do business now and in the future. 


The reality is that commerce now has a new normal and it is not turning back. As a well-established producer of successful meetings, events and conferences devoted to the global institutional investment community for the commercial real estate class with “proximity” as the prime value proposition, we have the answer. And it is quite simple which is to develop these intimate gatherings in a streamlined, efficient and economically effective way.

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Virtual Salons

Intimate peer to peer roundtables bringing together all stakeholders involved in investment and allocation of capital in real estate. These salons are meant to foster open and transparent conversations focusing the issues of the day as well as longer term considerations. 

Global Summitry

Virtual face to face roundtables with a focus on investors in markets including Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East as entryway to reaching new sources of capital investment.

Emerging Manager Programs

The opportunity for small and emerging managers has traditionally been difficult in attracting institutional investment. We have designed customized programs to help you raise your visibility and profile by putting your organization in front of these sought out investors.

Private Consultation

Outsourced business development and strategies services including customized virtual meetings and roundtables with investors and consultants to aide you in achieving your individualized capital raising goals. These services are available upon request.

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Jonathan A. Schein

CEO and Executive Director

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