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I’m proud to announce that on December 7th, 2020, RELPI received “notification along with Certificate of Registration of the trademark evidencing federal registration of the Principal Register of the United State Patent and Trademark Office,” for the usage of

“Interests Aligned ®.”

That’s a bit of legalese but what this means is that we’re now able to utilize the ® symbol as part of our marketing, branding, messaging and most importantly our identity.

An effective yet simple tagline

The idea that we were able to accomplish this is no small feat as it is extremely difficult to find a powerful, effective yet simple tagline. Think of some the ones that are so ubiquitous that you don’t even think about where they came from when vocalizing them such as, “Just Do It.” Nike’s tagline just rolls of the tongue as part of our lexicon and is utilized more than you may realize.

So, we feel very blessed as well as lucky to have garnered this trademark and registration for “Interests Aligned ®.”

Now, back to the mission propelling RELPI, the idea behind

“Interests Aligned ®” and why it’ s so important. When we launched earlier this year it was, has been and will be our sole focus for the establishment of a globally connected community of best-in-class organizations and individuals devoted to the best practices in real estate asset allocation and investment for pension funds, endowments, foundations, asset managers and family offices.”

We aim to accomplish this by Connecting Real Estate Institutional Investors, Fund Managers, Operating Companies, and those organizations allied to the industry in a variety of ways and although it’s very early in our journey, we are off to a very strong start and hopefully accomplishing this goal.

We have no other “interests” other than focusing on the industry’s by “aligning” them through fostering focused, deliberate, and thoughtful conversations between these constituencies. We can only serve the industry needs on an ethical level by remaining committed to these values.

We are not a fiduciary...And our belief system does not allow for any grey areas

Some have asked if we are a “fiduciary” or seek any type of “success” or "consulting" fees and the answer to this obvious and important question is, “no,” and we never will. And our belief system does not allow for any grey areas. We can’t truly remain a reliable and non-biased source of content and context if we move in that direction. We are supported by our Community Members which is now nearing fifty and still growing and where we also feel very blessed.

Though we’ll never ask for a usage fee when, “Interests Aligned ®,” rolls off of your tongues, we hope you’ll give us a wink and a smile and a good thought.


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