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Real Estate is Local. And So Are Events.


Since the launch of the Real Estate Limited Partner Institute (RELPI) a little over six months ago, we’ve produced two in-person meetups in New York City and Austin bringing together over 80 people including 30 LP’s, 40 GP’s and 10 individuals from advisory organizations.

As developed and promised through the mission of our tagline, “Interests Aligned”, these locally based meetiups are short-form and intimate in nature. We’ve also recognized what many investor’s needs are and how to truly respect them at this time. Combined with our continued virtual meetups, the community being created is on an incredible growth trajectory with over 100 LPs and Consultants engaged as well nearly 40 Fund Managers signed onto the platform.

These programs have shown so much progress that RELPI will shortly announce an entire locally focused in-person meetup rollout for 2022. The whole idea behind this concept is coming to terms with a variety of factors that have collided over the last 20 months where the idea of travel and work has been altered and whatever was “normal” will one day be looked upon by our future peers as not only antiquated but quaint.

For example, we’re seeing so many of the AGMs going virtual and in some cases hybrid, and how this added to LP attendance on a global scale. There are also economic considerations as there will be more focus on the bottom line in terms of corporate travel expenditures. Of course, we all want to get out on the road again, but how we count our time which is the most precious resource we’ll ever have and how are we going to invest it?

And yes, we need to see each other, and we need to visit areas for in-person connections, site tours and a host of other reasons. For this reason, we’ll be offering a solution that feeds into all of these wants and needs by bringing managers to investors in locations where they reside.

Stay tuned as RELPI is coming to a market near you!

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