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RELPI's Top 25 LinkedIn Postings: 2021

It seems that every media outlet offers their end-of-year assessment of their “most” read stories which is very appropriate because no matter how much we think we’re “on top” of it, there’s always a story or two that falls through the cracks.

With this in mind, the following are RELPI's TOP 25 LINKEDIN POSTINGS IN 2021 as we see social media as the primary source for B2B news and information and this platform is the most widely read.

It’s been a great first nine months since launch and we’re excited about the next steps in continually bringing our members who represent the best-in-class in our industry the freshest and most dynamic ideas to help them accomplish their goals.

Wishing you the Safest, Healthiest and Happiest New Year!!!


25 Fundraiser with NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams


24 RELPI Virtual Meetup featuring Dhinesh Ganapathiappan, City of San José; Mary Kate (MK) Heck; StepStone Group; Adam Tantleff; Madison Realty CapitalScott Arden; Sentinel Real Estate; Adir Levitas; Faropoint and featured guest Mitchell Berkey; Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi PC.


23 RELPI Virtual Meetup featuring Anthony Breault, Oregon State Treasury; Gila Cohen, MUFG; Jonathan Ross, Migdal Insurance; Carl Boswell, CAIA, National Real Estate Advisors; Pat Kendall, Ascentris; Bradley Petersen, Jamestown and Heather Border, Alliance Global Advisors.