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The Least Diverse Occupation in America is...Real Estate Appraisal.

It's no secret that diversity, equity and inclusion(DEI) are moving to the forefront of many, if not all conversations in our industry. According to a recently published "Matrix Blog" penned by Jonathan Miller, President/CEO, Miller Samuel, Inc. and fellow Counselor of Real Estate, the real estate appraisal profession stands at a 96.5% of white vs. non white participants with statistics backed up by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that reviewed the top 400 occupations.

And in case you're interested, appraisers rank below in diversity in professions such as farmers and ranchers, crane and tower operators, and cabinetmakers and bench carpenters.

For the record, Miller Samuel is a real estate appraisal and consulting firm and Mr. Miller is signaling an alarm about a very disturbing issue within his own area of the real estate arena and this just another one that needs to be addressed if we are going to evolve.

For further information, the Matrix Blog is posted here;


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