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USAA Real Estate and Square Mile Capital Rebrand as Affinius Capital

New name, same mission.

For 40 years, USAA Real Estate has acted as a trusted steward of our investors’ capital. For the last 10 years, our seamless partnership with Square Mile Capital has further strengthened and diversified our investment strategies across the risk spectrum. While these two companies have effectively operated as one, today we are extremely pleased to announce the final integration of the operations of USAA Real Estate and Square Mile Capital, together as one under a new name:

Following an extensive process of reflecting on our firm’s mission, our core values, and our brand priorities, we chose Affinius for its reference to the Latin word affinis, which suggests partnership and alignment, connection and relationship, transparency, and working together with our clients and each other.

Beginning today, you will start seeing our new name in our business activities, but I want to assure everyone that, as we look to the future, the company retains the same people, the same culture and the same investment philosophy; and most important, Affinius Capital exists to serve our clients, as before.

Our leadership team remains in place as does our spirit of innovation. Our firm was founded 40 years ago on the USAA culture of service, honesty, integrity, and loyalty, with USAA’s mission and example guiding the past four decades of service to our clients. Our relationship with USAA also remains unchanged as a client, an investment partner, and as a co-owner in our business. This brand transition was contemplated when we acquired control of the business in 2020, but as we leave behind the USAA name, we carry with us the sense of purpose USAA instilled in us for the benefit of our diversified client base. We are truly honored to continue to serve the USAA membership, just as we are honored to serve the missions of all of our investors, placing their needs above our own. We stand ready to answer any questions that you may have and to share with you our excitement around our mission, accentuated by our new brand. On behalf of the entire team at Affinius Capital, we greatly appreciate your continued trust and confidence in us.


Len O'Donnell

CEO & Chairman

Affinius Capital


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