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Illinois State Board and D.C. Retirement make commitments to Elion fund

Elion Industrial Fund II (EIF II) garnered commitments of $75 million from the District of Columbia Retirement Board (CRB) and $20 million from the Illinois State Board of investment (ISBI) on Feb. 13 and has held a second close after raising approximately $400 million of capital.

Elion Partners, the fund manager, is seeking to raise $750 million and expects the fund to hold its final close in June 2024. EIF II is focused on making investments in last-mile logistics real estate and targets core, urban logistics hubs near large population centers in infill coastal markets.

ISBI, has a 11.7 percent ($2.77b) of its $23.72b portfolio allocated towards real estate investments, as of Sept. 30, 2023, rising above its 10 percent target for the asset class.

On Dec. 31, 2023, DCRB had 7 percent ($830m) of its $11.3b portfolio allocated towards real estate, trending lower than its target of 8 percent for real assets


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