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RELPI Unveils New In-Person Programs with the formation of INTEREST ALIGNED℠ Events

Curated meetups foster relationships among RE Capital stakeholders

New York, NY, November 18, 2021The Real Estate Limited Partner Institute (RELPI) today unveiled the locations for its compelling INTERESTS ALIGNED℠ EVENTS featuring intimate, focused, and curated local meetups that foster open conversation and deepen relationships among leading stakeholders in the investment and allocation of capital in real estate. The series formally launched based on strong demand following RELPI meetups in Austin, TX and New York City will begin in Philadelphia next month and continue into 2022 in Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

“We had an overwhelming response in terms of attendance and experience with our first two meetups, signaling the pent-up demand we have for in-person gatherings of informed, high-level executives to share insights, ideas and transparent conversations. We carefully developed a formal series over the past few months and set it up for as many of our members as possible in order to join as often as they’d like,” said RELPI’s CEO and executive director Jonathan Schein.

RELPI, launched earlier this year and already boasting more than forty member organizations, is designed to connect key players for the mutual benefit of the dynamic private equity real estate investment and capital industries.

The INTERESTS ALIGNED℠ EVENTS program offer RELPI’s unique value proposition – intimate, ultrahigh-value gatherings, in a streamlined, economically effective manner, with “proximity” in mind.

“We are dedicated to bringing together real estate institutional investors, fund managers, operating companies and those organizations allied to the industry — on a local, national and global scale,” Mr. Schein said. “This first series of events across the US is just the start.”

The December 7th program in Philadelphia, open only to RELPI members, will offer many opportunities for conversation among those gathered, as well as a fireside chat with David Howard, Executive Director of the National Rental Home Council, to discuss the hot topic of institutional investment in the single-family home rental market.

Mr. Schein said the INTERESTS ALIGNED℠ EVENTS are designed to be streamlined and efficient (just three hours long) with a strong emphasis on social networking. “Magic happens when we’re talking with each other rather than being spoken to,” he said. “This idea propels our series as a compelling opportunity to connect with peers on a more meaningful and authentic basis.”

For more information about the INTERESTS ALIGNED℠ EVENTS series, to register or inquire about membership, please visit:

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As an established producer of successful meetings, events and conferences devoted to the global institutional investment community for the commercial real estate class, with “proximity” as the prime value proposition, RELPI is perfectly positioned to deliver a best-of-both-worlds solution: intimate, ultrahigh-value gatherings in a streamlined, economically effective way. From “virtual salons” and global summits focused on investors in all major global markets, to emerging manager programs and even “private label,” bespoke roundtables, RELPI is enabling tomorrow’s business connectivity today.

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